About the Blog

mckenziemarcotte is a blog about Galerie McKenzie Marcotte in Wakefield, Quebec. The main subject of this blog will be what goes into a piece of pottery—what materials, what ideas, what inspiration, what time and care.

Posts will include such topics as food, gardens, coffee, feasts, myth, style, colour, glaze, heat, pattern, or artistic influences.  I will keep you posted about new work coming out of the kiln, new artists coming into the gallery, and about the little details—a plant in the garden, a delicious meal, a hand-knit sweater, a new song, a book, a colour, a scene in a movie—that keep Maureen and David inspired. 

You can find us at 26 Sully Road, Wakefield, Quebec, or online at http://www.mckenziemarcotte.ca/

3 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. What a treat to arrive home to find your blog up and running! I loved reading about Sedna and David’s pots, Allegra. Miss you all – it was wonderful to reconnect this summer. Anna arrives home today from her 5 weeks in Europe. Will call soon! xx D.

    • Thanks Deb! It was so great seeing you. Mom and Dad are still talking about your visit, and about the poetry you recommended the night of the birthday cake. I hope Anna had a wonderful time. Thanks again for reading.

  2. Hello!
    We’re your new neighbours on Sully. The gallery is beautiful and it’s been fun getting to know David and Maureen (who was just up for tea!).
    🙂 Your neighbour,
    Gwen Smid

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