About Allegra McKenzie

I am the youngest daughter of David McKenzie and Maureen Marcotte. I am a recent graduate of Concordia University’s Creative Writing and English Literature Master’s program. I am currently writing a novel called Cinema L’Amour and working in the pottery studio, decorating pottery for Maureen. I am excited to add this blog to my list of projects.

4 thoughts on “About Allegra McKenzie

  1. Hello

    We were at the open house fairly early on saturday to pick up our commissioned plate and left with several impulse purchases – another plate and two mugs. We love everything that we purchased, and are struggling with the need to gift the commissioned plate to those we commissioned it for. We also had a chance to catch up on your blog Allegra on returning to Ottawa. We enjoyed every bit.

    Sanda and Sheila

    • Hi Sanda and Sheila,
      Thanks for your comments. I really enjoyed meeting you both on Saturday. We’re anxious to hear how your friends like their Sedna plate (if they get it).
      Thanks for reading,

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