News from the Studio

There has been a long silence, the blog has been dormant for over a year, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t  been lots happening here in the pottery or in our lives. Up until now, Allegra has been the author of the blog , and she has written with insight and perception using elegant and beautifully crafted language. For the past year, Allegra has been teaching and working as a writing coach in a community college as well as continuing to work on her own writing. This means that she has had little time to work in the studio with us or to continue the blog. So I (Maureen) have decided to try to fill those big shoes, and to share our experiences in the pottery.

Recently, Allegra had some very exciting news. Each year, the Quebec Writers Federation and the CBC hold a short story competition and this past week, at a gala in Montreal, she learned that she won the first prize for her story called “the Glass ‘Man”. Here is a link to her story for anyone who would like to read it: Of course, we are very proud parents and are so happy for Allegra to receive this recognition and vote of confidence in her talent as a writer.

20141118_203309 copyThere is lots more catching up to do and I hope to fill in some gaps from the previous year such as a residency at Haystack in Maine last year and the new work we are both doing at our satellite studio in Farrellton.

Right now, we are working long hours these days getting pots ready for our Christmas open house for the December 6/7 weekend (10 am to 5 pm). We are both working on new forms and glazes and look forward to showing everyone what we’ve been up to. I’ll post more about the new work soon.

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